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United Mine Workers

The United Mine Workers of America (UMW or UMWA) is a North American labor union best ... The UMW was left with 35,000 members, of whom 20,000 were coal miners, chiefly in ..... Facing criminal char...

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When Neoliberalism Confronts the Moral Economy of Workers: The ...

V. The Great Miners' March and the Retreat of the Movement .... Thus, when unionization was allowed after the war many labor unions were ... work by Karl Polanyi (1986), who introduced the concept of the embeddedness of economic institutions. .... 23The Türk-İş confederation, the only remaining representative of Turkish...

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UMWA: Home

Lorin E. Kerr Scholarship ... Boom and betrayal: Retired coal miners losing health benefits as companies file ... Whether miners, correctional officers, health care workers, manufacturers or ... Learn more about the different industries the union represents. ... Check out the new #UMWA website at https://t.co/Bqd2p589gg!

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The Ludlow Massacre

The immoral suffering and oppression of the down-trodden service workers erupted in 1903 ... Not only were miners fighting for recognition of the United Mine Workers of America union ... In September of 1913, the coal miners had had enough. ... On April 20, 1914 Karl Linderfelt, a company officer and a bitter veteran of the...

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