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Sand Slinger | Article about Sand Slinger by The Free Dictionary

a machine designed to feed and compact molding sand in a casting mold. The basic working part of the sand slinger is the sand-slinging head, a housing that...

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Expendable Mold Casting –

12.1 Introduction to Expendable Mold Casting; 12.2 Sand Casting; 12.3 Cores and Core ... accuracy and consistency; Sand slinger uses rotation to fling sand against the pattern; Jolting is ... are all lifted and dropped to compact the sand; Squeezing machines use air and a diaphragm ... Sodium Silicate-CO2 Molding (video).

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Sand slinger

A sand slinger is a type of machine used for filling and uniform ramming of sand in molds, and is particularly adopted with advantage of large molds.

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